Electrical Topics List



Topic Number

Name of Topic


1.      Electrical Fundamentals







OHM's Law; Voltage, Current and Resistance



Series and Parallel Circuit





2.      Electrical Instruments/Panel Meters



VTD- EIC -02-01

Analog Multimeter


VTD- EIC -02-02

Digital Multimeter


VTD- EIC -02-03

Digital Clamp meter


VTD- EIC -02-04

Digital Insulation Tester


VTD- EIC -02-05



VTD- EIC -02-06

Amperemeter (Analog & Digital)


VTD- EIC -02-07

Voltmeter – Panel Type (Analog & Digital)


 VTD- EIC -02-08

Watt Meter (Analog & Digital)


VTD- EIC -02-09

VAR Meter (Analog & Digital)


VTD- EIC -02-10

Power Factor Meter (Analog & Digital)





3.      Electrical Components



VTD- EIC -03-01

Isolation Transformer Step up/Step down


VTD- EIC -03-02

Autotransformer/Variable Transformer


VTD- EIC -03-03

High Voltage Distribution Transformer


 VTD- EIC -03-04

Residential Switches 


VTD- EIC -03-05

Commercial Switches


VTD- EIC -03-06



VTD- EIC -03-07

Magnetic Contactor


VTD- EIC -03-08



VTD- EIC -03-09

Solid State Relay


VTD- EIC -03-10



VTD- EIC -03-11



VTD- EIC -03-12

Thermal Overload





4.      Electrical Machines



VTD- EIC -04-01

Squirrel Cage Induction Motors, 1 phase


VTD- EIC -04-02

Squirrel Cage Induction Motors, 3 phase


VTD- EIC -04-03

DC Motors


VTD- EIC -04-04

DC Generator


VTD- EIC -04-05

Synchronous Motors


VTD- EIC -04-06

AC Synchronous Generator





5.      Electrical Appliances



VTD- EIC -05-01

Electric Oven


VTD- EIC -05-02

Electric Fan


VTD- EIC -05-03

Washing Machine





6.      DC Power Supply



VTD- EIC -06-01

Full Bridge DC Power Supply


VTD- EIC -06-02

Four Quadrant Power Supply





7.      Wiring and Installation



VTD- EIC -07-01

Residential Lighting Switches and Power Outlet


VTD- EIC -07-02

Commercial; 3 Phase Distribution Panel





8.      Motor Control



VTD- EIC -08-01

DOL Motor Starting


VTD- EIC -08-02

Star/Delta Motor Starting


VTD- EIC -08-03

DC Motor Starting




















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