Learning Management Systems and Digital Consultancy

Netfarer develops specialized web applications, online learning systems and provides technical and design services to Digital Business Insights Pty Ltd,  Screamer Media Pty Ltd & Business Acumen magazine.

Netfarer designed and implemented the RED Toolbox (Regional Economic Development) collaboration portal and is currently developing a second portal, the EDToolbox, with Digital Business Insights and the UNreal World augmented reality travel directory and app for Screamer Media.

Useful things that work.

Netfarer has over 25 years experience in internet and web development, at the forefront of digital technologies as they evolved since the early 1990s.

Netfarer principal Geoff Grantham has developed online learning solutions in automotive theory, equine biomechanics and consumer protection used by hundreds of schools, colleges and businesses across Australia/NZ, the US and South Africa.

Netfarer can help your business design and deliver complex online training or collaboration, or simply build you a digital front door where customers can find you.

Put a digital specialist to work for your business.

Some of our clients over the past 20 years ..

Geoff Grantham

Digital Specialist

Geoff Grantham likes building useful things that work. His IT career started in the early 1980s with his company Computer Corporation of Australia producing the first completely Australian designed and manufactured compatible PC - the Cleveland.

Since then, he has built and maintained hundreds of websites and learning portals for clients in Australia/NZ, South Africa, USA and the UK.